RE: Mice Nesting In My Car
Post By Sarah (Guest Post) (09/08/2008) (Link: Thirfty post)

I just found a nest in the trunk of my car theres 7 baby mice in
it, and i am SO freaked out. I have a 2 year old that rides in that
car every day that cant be healthy

Confused, worried, frustrated, upset (maybe a little 'freaked out').

These are some of the emotions that run through us, when we realize we have mice taking over.
Taking over our garage, mice in your car and usually
creating a mess and sometimes a smell thats
Or worse, doing damage with your car wires, exhaust, fuel
or break lines...its a all round bad situation!
RE: Mice Nesting In My Car
Post By Andy (Guest Post) (04/05/2008)

Mice are horrible when in your car. I parked my Explorer in
my garage of my NEW HOUSE! I noticed a strange smell in
my car, and as the afternoon went on, and it became warmer
outside, the smell got worse. I opened my glove box and
noticed paper chewed up. This has made me crazy. My wife
will not drive the car now. I had to go and buy her a new car
that she will not park in the garage. Now i have a Explore that
just smells bad. Anyone no of a good idea for the smell.
Please help, at the end of my rope....