Help, I have mice in my garage and
now I have
Has it happened to you?
You notice maybe there is a new mess in your garage, or something about your car
not running right.
Or for others, its a strange smell they get while in their cars.
Not thinking for a second that they could have mice in their cars or worse - a mouse
nest underneath their car, or in the seats or under the hood!
Here are some blog quotes
from people struggling with the
problem with mice in their car.

Note: you are not alone, and
there is a product that works
like magic.

Read on...
FREAKIN' mouse did
$800 worth of damage to
my car!!!!

And that doesn't include the
$150 I spent to have it detailed
(to remove the CRAP - literally
- that the mouse left behind)!

My check engine light has
been coming on and the dealer
FINALLY diagnosed the
problem: they found the
mouse's nest above my gas
tank along with the wires the
critter chewed through! 6-8
hours of labor to repair the

I want to vomit (but not in my
car, since it's now nice and
So sorry you had to deal with this.
My friend just had to replace her
entire fuel system because of
rodent damage and her car was
less than 1 year old. GRR. So
lousy the a stupid mouse could do
so much damage.

RE: Mice Nesting In My Car
Post By Joan (Guest Post) (10/14/2008)

I've heard time and time again that the
softener sheets, moth balls and
peppermint oils do not work. Well, my
Jag had spent a total of four days at
two different dealer services and now
has been at a body shop for three
weeks. It took ALL that to get all the
nests and smells out and repair all the
damaged wires.

My nests were not in the ventilation
system - they were in the engine and
also under the car - they finally had to
pull the seats and carpets out to get to
them. In my research to attempt to
solve this problem, the only other
alternative I have found was to set up a
simple sheet metal barrier around the

This wall is about eight inches high, is
attached to boards to keep it flush with
the floor and opens and then closes
with clamps in order to drive the car in
and out of it. Apparently mice are
unable to climb a sheet metal wall. Has
anyone ever heard of this?
RE: Mice Nesting In My Car
Post By tyler (Guest Post) (09/17/2008)

Came outside this morning to realize my car had been
ravaged by a mouse, and I was very angry to realize that
my radio was no longer working. Do you think that the
mouse chewed the wires?